After the Tapes are spooled, they are moved to the fabric weaving line where our trained technicians and loom personnel retool the Looms according to the desired fabric density.

Pegma manufactures both Circular and Flat woven PP fabrics, which are inspected and tested for quality during the weaving process. After weaving, the rolls are either transferred to the cutting area for manufacturing FIBCs, or they are wrapped and packaged for shipping.

The Fabric Weaving machines (Circular Looms) at Pegma are again the best in the Industry. An Array of 6 and 8 Shuttle Looms from Lohia Starlinger Limited weave the best quality and flawless fabric for FIBCs ranging from 60 to 300 GSM. This Fabric now awaits its transformation into burly Jumbo Bags at the hands of our expert stitchers.

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